Along lines and color explosions that contain patterns that try to realize themselves into... paintings, sculptures, drawingpaintings and charcoal drawings ....

My work exposes the road of "my" language to the autonomous language of the work, the "being" that allows the viewer to travel/explore his own way, in the physical as well as the non physical world, along the artistic way. I see my work as a gate through which the viewer can enter. He has to liberate his emotions, let them lead him. Then it becomes a tangible, palpable imagination between the magical event that embraces the visible and invisible worlds.

The intimate interaction between the pictorial, sculptural and graphic in the creative process of genesis.

Making the invisible visible, receiving the inner hidden, giving shape and color in a metamorphosis and passing it.

The vibrations in and around me, the genesis of it in shape, color and material.
Express that what is the deepest of his own "nature". The inner, invisible that already exists in advance and is latently or actively present in the "imaginal world" (mundus imaginalis).
Receive and materialize the harmony of "the heavenly and the earthly".

The artistic and spiritual unity, the visible and invisible,
that causes a transformation of and in myself which concretises in my work. Loose and find myself in the intimate structure of things. In unity with nature, with the vegetal that looks at me, which whom I speak, and that involves me in the soundless atmosphere of its knowledge.
Creating a tangible representation on paper canvas.
Materializing through drawing, painting and sculpting, realizing that everything already existed before it was "formed".

Tone, the sound of the silence that structures matter, the movement of the sound that is the source and is produced from the silence of the light. "Silence of Light" that was central in my sculptural and pictorial works before I settled in France in 1993.

The world of the seed, the germ, the embryo. How I became increasingly associated with the dying plant that carries the germ of life in it through the seed. The germinating seed, first creating roots that grow into the dark earth before turning to the light and getting its full beauty.

It is the shaping as "becoming" that involves me fundamentally. The contact with the present and future possibilities without taking any form already, to get to the form that is present in the seed and is being prepared in dying." (free to J. Beuys)

Unite the shapes and color of the sculptor, the painter and drawer. Painting in the space, sculpting the painting (see my sculptural paintings). Letting the sculptures become by painting and paint sculptures, draw the paintings in my "drawingpaintings". And in the charcoal drawings and the tender caress in the world of form and line, white and black, of adding and removing. Letting the white shine through black, getting the spirit in the work where it comes from. Feeling the intimate structure of things.

The painting, the sculpture, the drawing receiving the universal movement of the "All".
Receiving "movement", bringing myself and my work in motion, showing motion and thus causing inner movements to myself and to the spectactor-participant of my work.

By letting fertilize the work in the sensory world by experiences in the spiritual world...
The movement of internal external, of visible - invisible, earthly - heavenly of the Emerald Tablet.

Making the moving desire visible from its invisible substance.

"Le geste de relier terre et ciel". The gesture of linking earth and heaven, already shown in my sculpture "Earth and Heaven" from 1966.

"Faire exister", "make exist", the intimate joining of the male and female triangle which gets its creative power in the rhombus, radiating it and ever creating, always different, always again.

I want to refer to Hermes Trismegistus who says: "Think of being everywhere at the same time, in the sea, the earth, the sky... Think of being never born, still being an embryo, young and old, dead and past the border of death, exceeding death, understanding everything in one single movement, times, places and things, the qualities and quantities".

"That which is below is as that which is above,
and that which is above is as that which is below,
to perform the miracles of the ONE thing."
(from "Emerald Tablet of Hermes" by Hermes Trimegistus)

The essences/roots of things, spiritual and artistic, their unity is what I try to pass on, which is only possible/which I can only show through my work....

"Faire exister", "make exist"...